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Release date:2022/06/24
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Tai-Ex opening   

發佈於 2022-06-24 10:41:14

The Tai-Ex opened up 56-points this morning from yesterday's close, at 15,232 on turnover of $4.43-billion N-T.

The Tai-Ex lost ground on Thursday, as other regional markets ended the trading day mixed after Wall Street edged lower overnight amid fears higher interest rates will chill global economic activity.

 National Police Agency Chief to Retire on June 30   

發佈於 2022-06-24 10:41:14

Cabinet spokesman Luo Bing-chen says National Police Agency Director-General Chen Jia-qin will retire on June 30.

The statement comes after it was confirmed earlier this week that Chen had applied for early retirement.

According to the Cabinet spokesman, Premier Su Tseng-chang had "fully supported" Chen's leadership of the agency since 2017 and is sorry to see him retire (退休), but "respects" his reasons for doing so.

Luo says Chen's decision to step down ahead of his scheduled July 2023 retirement was based in part on his desire to leave important personnel decisions to his successor.

 Taipei Drops 20 Places in Economist 'World's Most Liveable Cities' Ranking   

發佈於 2022-06-24 10:41:14

Taipei has fallen 20 places in the latest Economist "world's most liveable cities" rankings.

The drops sees Taipei falling from 33rd to 53rd place in the annual report published by British weekly publication.

The rankings also included Taichung, with a score of 80 to 90, similar to that of Taipei, but without indicating (標示) the city's ranking.

The report includes 33 additional cities compared to last year and has been published under to tagline "Life is getting back to normal, if not quite everywhere."

The Austrian city of Vienna replaced Auckland as the most liveable city, reclaiming the title it previously held in 2018 and 2019.

 India Sends Team to Afghanistan   

發佈於 2022-06-24 10:41:14

India has sent a technical team to Kabul to coordinate the delivery of humanitarian assistance after a destructive (破壞性的) earthquake in eastern Afghanistan.

India's External Affairs Ministry said the team has been deployed to its embassy in the Afghan capital.

The embassy has been vacant (空的) since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan in August.

A ministry statement Thursday didn't give details about the technical team or any relief material sent to Afghanistan.

 US to Compsenate Havana Syndrome Victims   

發佈於 2022-06-24 10:41:14

The US State Department will pay six-figure sums (總數,金額) to Havana Syndrome victims.

AP correspondent Mike Gracia reports.

 Vatican Releases Canada Trip Itinerary   

發佈於 2022-06-24 10:41:14

The Vatican has released the itinerary for Pope Francis' July 24-30 visit to Canada.

The publication of the program on Thursday is a sign he intends to go ahead with the trip despite knee problems that forced him to cancel a six-day visit to Africa that was also planned for next month.

Francis is due to visit Canada to apologize to Indigenous peoples for abuses at Catholic-run residential schools.

The 85-year-old pope has been using a wheelchair for over a month because of strained ligaments (韌帶) in his right knee that have made standing and walking difficult.