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Security Policy

VOH website security policy announcement:

In order to ensure the safety of your information on this website, we will, in accordance with the spirit of the Personal Data Protection Act, prepare the following website safety policy to illustrate the safety of our website. Practice.

Scope of application:

The following website security policy applies to the collection, use and protection of personal data involved in your browsing on this website, but does not apply to links to other sites on this website. When you click to link to another website , The application of the site's website security policy.

Links to other sites:

The security policy of this website is only applicable to the "Hennessy Radio" website. This site contains hyperlinks to other websites or webpages so that users can connect to these sites via this site. Regardless of whether these sites have their own website security policy, the site's security policy does not apply to these sites.

Site security measures and specifications:

Any unauthorized attempt to upload or change the services and related information provided by this site is strictly prohibited and may violate the law. For the purpose of website security and to ensure that the services can continue, this site provides the following security measures:

  • Use a web intrusion detection system to confirm unauthorized attempts to upload or change, web information, or sabotage.
  • Install a firewall to prevent unauthorized intrusion, destruction or theft of information to prevent unauthorized use of the site to protect your interests.
  • Regularly perform vulnerability scans and provide appropriate security defenses.
  • Regularly perform a backup job.
  • Regularly receive security notification from the operating system vendor or application vendor, and install the appropriate patch as recommended.
  • Internet data transmission can not guarantee 100% security, this site will strive to protect the security of this site and your personal information, in some cases will use the standard SSL security system to protect the security of data transmission. However, due to the fact that the data transmission process involves the safety of your Internet environment, we can not ensure that you transmit or receive the information on this site. You should pay attention to the risks of network data transmission. Please understand that the consequences of this section are beyond the control of this site.

Modification of the policy of the website As a result of the rapid development of science and technology, the relevant laws and regulations have not been completed before, and the future may be difficult to foresee environmental changes and other factors, the site will be necessary to modify the website provided by the policy , To implement the protection of the Internet security conception. When this website completes the modification of the security policy, we will immediately publish it on this website and remind you to pick it up for reading.

If you have any questions or comments on these terms, please feel free to contact us via our contact information on this website.