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Release date:2022/06/27
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Tai-Ex opening   

發佈於 2022-06-27 10:22:13

The Tai-Ex opened up 105-points this morning from Friday's close, at 15,409 on turnover of 5.4-billion N-T.

The Tai-Ex gained ground on Friday, as regional markets followed a rally Thursday on Wall Street, despite data suggesting some economies are slowing.

However, the local main board finished the trading week at below the 15,500 point mark, amid ongoing investor concerns over inflation and the risks of a global recession (經濟衰退).

 MOEA to Decide on Electricity Rate Hike Today   

發佈於 2022-06-27 10:22:13

The Ministry of Economic Affairs' electricity rate review committee is meeting today for its semiannual session.

The meeting comes amid speculation that the committee could hike prices by some 8-per cent for heavy users.

Reports also say regular households could see a hike of at least 3-per cent, or no change to the current rate.

The economics ministry is refusing to comment on those reports, but says the review committee will be taking into consideration (考慮到) the advice of experts and people's livelihoods before making any final decision on possible electricity rate hikes.

The semiannual review of electricity rates was postponed from March 29.

 Guatemala's President Vows to Stick with Taiwan   

發佈於 2022-06-27 10:22:13

Guatemala's President Alejandro Giammattei is vowing to maintain (維持) his country's diplomatic recognition with Taiwan.

Speaking in an interview with the U-K-based LatAm INVESTOR magazine, Giammattei said "Guatemala is the biggest country Taiwan still has left, and we will remain with Taiwan."

According to Giammattei, while he's president, Guatemala will recognize one China and "it is called Taiwan."

Giammattei assumed the presidency in January 2020 and his tenure will conclude in January 2024.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is expressing it's thanks to Giammattei for his support.

 US Pride Parades Continue Amid Fears for Marriage Equality   

發佈於 2022-06-27 10:22:13

Pride parades march on around the US with new urgency (緊迫性) amid fears that same sex marriage could be the next right to go the way of abortion.

AP correspondent Julie Walker reports.

 SAfrica Nightclub Deaths Under Investigation   

發佈於 2022-06-27 10:22:14

South African police are investigating the deaths of at least 21 people at a nightclub in a coastal town Sunday.

It is unclear what led to the deaths of the young people, who were reportedly attending a party to celebrate (慶祝) the end of winter school exams.

Police say the victims' ages ranged between 13 and 17, raising questions about why the underaged children were being served alcohol.

Local media reported that bodies showed no visible signs of injuries.